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START DATE BATCH 1: 29th October, 2019

START TIME: 09:30 AM TO 12:30 PM(EST) 

START DATE BATCH 2: 2nd November, 2019

START TIME: 09:30 AM TO 12:30 PM(EST) 


Web development is a more holistic ask when it comes to creating a website. There are so many aspects that go into web development, both on the back and front-end. Developing a website requires a strong backend so that there are no attempts to hack as well as a good server so that the site does not lag or crash during crucial moments.

Both frontend and backend, focuses on the functionality part of websites and web applications. Frontend developers need coding knowledge of frontend languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are used in web browsers. Backend developers need coding knowledge of programming languages that are only interpreted on the backend server or the website.

While web development courses are centred around frontend programming languages, JavaScript and other frontend frameworks, a designing course focus extensively on web layout techniques, page design and site navigation. Ismart Learning provides the right tools and lessons with which you will be able to develop innovative web pages.

Building a functional website or mobile app is just one aspect of being a frontend web developer. Listed below are the skills we provide you with to build a career in this field:

  • Coding proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are the building blocks of web development.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript libraries such as JQuery, AngularJS, and ReactJS
  • Specializing in development tools such as the Google web developer tool, to automate your frontend development workflow.
  • Develop expertise in responsive and mobile design aspects, along with cross-browser development.

Getting started on the right course for a front end web developer is essential for a successful career in web development. Our online full stack web development courses are also widely available for students with access to Internet.

Learning Pathway with Ismart Learning (Course Curriculum) 


The front-end is also referred to as the client-side and is sometimes considered “web design” . The back-end of the web industry is often called the server-side. Often when someone says they’re a “web developer” they’re saying they work on the back-end of sites. Front-end web developers use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to code the website and web app designs created by web designers. The code they write runs inside the user’s browser (as opposed to a back end developer, whose code runs on the web server).

How the Web Works- (3 hours)

  • What is the protocol for front end and back end developers?
  • What is Web server?
  • How do the clients communicate with the different servers?
  • How to find the IP address?
  • What is a protocol?
  • How to find the protocol?

Which Frame works you will learn:

  • Front-end: HTML, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter bootstrap, Javascript and JQuery
  • Back-end: Meteor.js, Node.js, Angular 2, PHP, Ruby on Rails
  • Database: MySQL, Apache Cassandra
  • Other Technologies: Mermacached, Apache Lucene, Apache solr

Programming Fundamentals- (26 hours)

  • Using CSS to control presentation, formatting and layout
  • Basic Java Concepts
  • JQuery programming techniques
  • HTML5 programming
  • Learn about Java script to control the behavior of different elements
  • Get Introduced to the object oriented programming(OOPS)
  • Learn Ajax for making asynchronous request with JQuery
  • Back-end programming with Node.js
  • App development with Meteor.js and Angular

MongoDB Database: (4.5 hours)

  • Defining Mongoose schema
  • Designing Routes using Express.js
  • Create a Server using Express.js
  • Building RESTFUL API

Server side Frame work with Node.js: (15 hours)

  • Fundamentals like Node.js syntax, NPM package Management
  • Building Web applications and services with node.js and express.js

Client side library – React.js: (11 hours)

  • Building react applications, lists and forms using React components
  • Building front end apps with React.js as a view layer
  • Using the JSX syntax to create React elements
  • Rendering React.js on the Node.js server

Security JWT Backend & Deployment: (4 hours)

  • Validations of forms & data
  • How & when to use JSON web tokens
  • Front-end & Back-end Authentication
  • Deployment of full stack app on Heroku

PWA, AMP & BOOTSTRAP – (6.5 hours)

  • We will Learn Progressive Web App (PWA) to deliver the best user experience using modern web
    capabilities. We will learn the benefits of PWA and how to create a Progressive Web app.
  • We will learn how to use Accelerated Mobile Pages to create fast-loading mobile web pages
  • We will Learn Bootstrap to build a responsive website

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