The Race To Human From AI


Artificial intelligence is strategically the conversion of intellectual decision-making capability of human beings to the machines. The purpose of AI mainly deals with key components like speech recognition, problem-solving capabilities and so on.

AI is the most evolving technology in the world as it is not only limited to computers and has grown way too fast in the field of health, education, entertainment, retail etc. The major attraction of this intelligence is robotics which will be a game changer in the world where human brains have been considered the most powerful.

This technology as it progresses it will have always have some surprises and shocks as well. Every technology which can challenge the existence the humans and the power of the human brain will always come with some pros and cons.

AI will definitely have some good impact on our lives. This technology can set a new benchmark in the field of health and safety. In the future, if anything happens that needs immediate attention, can be done by this technology.

The technology of AI that might affect us in the future:

  1. AUTOMATED TRANSPORTATION which is already being tested by Google as self-driven cars.
  2. CYBORG TECHNOLOGY basically this part of technology deals with the physical disabilities of the b\human body which can be replaced by this technology which can receive signals from the brain.
  3. HAZARDOUS JOBS this technology already taking over the field which is risky for an individual in terms of physical damage.
  4. AI will also help us in solving climate problems as it can store huge amount of information and then come with the solutions considering every problem.

But some concerns are also there what if the robotics part of AI will be successful and will be in day to day life jobs that are not being considered to be replaceable will be evident of full replacement by the automation. Job loss estimates are going to climb from the commonly referenced 7% to about 15%. The bank of England has already estimated that 48% of human workers will eventually be replaced by robotics and software automation.

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At the end, we have been in this research of AI in public and in application of this in different sectors however we should not forget that when it comes to the technology which mainly aims the replication of the human brain capabilities and task managing capacity it can unfold many chapters in the future, which can be fruitful as well as scary to the humans.

– Alex Wood

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Deep Learning

May 17, 2019

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