Aspirants who have PMP under their belt could be benefited in the following areas:

  • Dramatic increase in salary.
  • It will expand your market reach.
  • You will get great job opportunities.
  • Brings challenging projects.
  • Displays your ability to handle challenging projects.
  • Showcases your skills to global employers.
  • PMP certifications will Improves project performance.
  • Enhances your Project Management skills.
  • It is globally accepted.
  • It increases your salary by 20%.
  • It broadens your experience
  • It helps you to handle projects efficiently
  • It is applicable to most industries such as Telecom, Business processing, IT, Commerce and Finance.
  • It is an investment for your future
  • It gives you job security.

PMP certification! WHY? Few reasons to look!

  • Globally recognized and respected certification: The PMP certification is globally recognized and respected certification provided by PMI, the leading association of Project Management Professionals. With 12% increase in number of PMP®/CAPM® certification every year, they have been made the de-facto industry standard for Project Managers.
  • The PMP certification recognizes your expertise in Project Management: The PMP certification tells your current and potential employers that you have a solid foundation of project management knowledge, which could be readily applied at the workplace.
  • You will be a member of one of the most prestigious professional groups: By attaining the PMP certification, your name will be included in the largest and most prestigious group of certified Project Management Professionals.
  • Better salary: It has been observed that Project Managers, who have the PMP certification, draw more salary than their counterparts, who do not have the aforementioned certification.
  • Better job opportunities: With the requirements for qualified Project Managers expected to increase exponentially in the future, the job market for PMP/CAPM Certified managers will get better.
  • Globally recognized by leading companies: The PMP certification is endorsed by leading companies. In fact, they encourage their Project Managers to have the PMP certification.

Do you think a PMP certified professional get an upper hand over non PMP? Kindly share your experienced comment below !

May 17, 2019


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