PMP certification! Is it Beneficial for Non IT or IT domain?

PMP have hand-on management tools and methodologies, new approaches. Say, real states, pharmaceuticals, retails, textile industries, banking also have need of project management staff for leading companies ahead. There must be a systematic development that focuses on fundamental requirements of an industry. The duty of a project manager is ensuring quality and timely delivery, compliance, managing time limits and ultimately customer’s satisfaction which is of major concern to run any industry. PMP professional certification will enable you to deal with all the demands that a project in a field may demand.

Project Management principles are equally applicable to all types of projects either it is constructing a highway, launching a new product in a food processing or automobile unit, building a new power plant, constructing a new residential building or taking up a research project about a new automobile engine. 


The PMP does not make you a good project manager. But it will make a good project manager better. Manufacturing companies look for project managers that can run the design and build type elements of manufacturing. If you have an engineering background or experience in the operations of manufacturing then the PMP will augment and improve your skills. The PMP is also a differentiator of your skills. It will elevate your profile when applying for jobs.

 Can PMP certification bring my HEALTHCARE career up?:

The healthcare industry can benefit greatly from utilizing project management to plan, schedule and consciously anticipating outcomes. The aim of every hospital is to provide better care for patients in a more efficient way. Project management can help achieve this and increase productivity as well as the quality of the care and processes in a hospital. Many healthcare projects fail because of lack of planning or anticipation of unforeseen events. Implementing PM methods can help increase the success rate of projects by providing tools needed to anticipate and mitigate risks. Project management offers a variety of methods and tools that hospital leaders can implement to increase the quality of the care and optimize processes in a hospital.

Task Management:

The tasks in a hospital are varied and limitless. Not every doctor has the same tasks, for example the neurosurgeon has different tasks than a cardiologist and the night nurse from a food service worker. Thus, managing all these different tasks can be quite challenging. However, making use of task management methods can help hospital leaders get ahead of the chaotic possibilities.

Time Management:

Accurate time estimation is essential for a hospital to run efficiently. With so many people and activities it is important to schedule as accurately as possible to avoid delays. Time is one of the three project constraints and has a direct effect on the other two, scope and cost.

Resource Management:

Resource management can help you identify and allocate the necessary resources. Resource management affects many parts of the hospital. As the budget is limited you always need to weigh the importance of one resource or another and decide where resources are needed most urgently. You also need to compare the actual usage with the estimated usage, so as to make future resource estimates more accurate.

Change Management:

The first step in managing change is to identify what kind of change you want to achieve (organizational, process, system etc.). Then you need to assess whether that change is necessary, which means whether it offers any additional value. You also need to take into account the impact that change might have on time, cost, scope and risks and who will be affected by it. The human aspect is the most important one in change management because even the best laid out plan and smoothly executed change will fail if the people who are directly affected by this change reject it.

PMP is it worth for SALES Professional?

A PMP credential opens up great avenues for a project manager or a professional, on the career front.

It expands your market reach, enhances your project management skills, displays your ability to handle challenging projects, earns you critical projects, and increases your salary by a huge margin.

As a Business Development Manager, it would be beneficial to have a PMP Credential as it would display your knowledge and skills in terms of Handling/Delivering a project. If your role revolves around Sales, it may not be of much benefit since Project management and Sales don’t have much knowledge points in common.

At the end of the day, there would definitely be a value add to your profile, but it would in terms of Project Management.

Is it possible to deploy PMP knowledge area’s   for HR:

PMP certification is a good career move for professionals working in HR domain. Though i have heard that the credential is a prestigious one and is capable of boosting one’s career, i just wanted to be sure before i take any move in this direction. Kindly suggest…it would be of great help. Read more at:

HR is one of the knowledge areas of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).So, adding this mix of knowledge together, you – as an HR manager – will hopefully select candidates not only by reading their resume, but by digging deeper into the background of the person taking into consideration what really matters in any job: how the person has taken care of the tasks assigned to him/her, the time invested, and the quality of the deliverable.


  • The PMP® program is the first professional certification program in the world to attain International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2000 recognition, a globally recognized mark of quality management systems.
  • PMI® has provided project management certifications for over 25 years, and the PMP® credential was the first one designed specifically for project managers.
  • PMI® provides independent certification of project managers as part of its role in setting industry standards for the profession.
  • The aim of the PMP® Certification exam and its attendant requirements is to provide consumers of these services with some assurance that the person or people delivering the project management service meet independently verified standards of practice.
  • PMI®’s certification program is designed to ensure that all certification holders have demonstrated their competence through fair and valid measures. One of the ways in which this is implemented is through a scenario-based multiple-choice examination format, which is a highly reliable way to assess project management competence.
  • PMI® uses highly reputable testing organizations to obtain third-party validation of the PMP® program. Unlike interviews and essays, which are not reliable and can be influenced by many factors other than the test taker’s professional background, PMI®’s program reflects a methodology used by most world-class licensing organizations, such as nursing, architecture and engineering.

PMP certification! Is it Beneficial for IT domain?


PMP is more important for IT professionals than for any other industry professional.
Many IT companies have made it mandatory for the PMs to attain a PMP or equivalent certification. You will find many JDs saying “PMP mandatory”. If you do not have the certification then you are not considered for the PM role. This might restrict your career progress.

PMP can help you in opening new doors & advancing your career. It is a well renowned & respected certification. According to many surveys and career websites, it is one of the top 10 certifications in the world. It has excellent scope – it value is recognized in many different industries.


  • PMP is one of the most prestigious professional certification and it can excel your career to new highs.
  • Most of the IT professionals today work on different kind of projects, for example, development of new software’s, up gradation of old software’s, deployment of new IT systems and replacing old ones, development of new websites and upgrading old ones.
  • All these are some examples of projects being done by IT professionals. As the PMP certifications gives you, knowledge, tools and techniques for better project management and control and it would save huge time, costs and labor by applying the knowledge gained from PMP certification.
  • Hence if IT professional is PMP certified and applies the knowledge gained in appropriate way as demonstrated in PMBOK, his or her projects are most likely to be completed in time and within the allocated budget.
  • By following proper project management in IT industry, software and websites bugs will be minimized and organizations will have lots of monetary benefits too.
  • Although, in today’s IT industry Agile and Scrum methodologies are prevalent and their certifications are also in demand, but the importance of PMP can’t be eclipsed by them, since it gives you the foundation which you can learn from other certifications.

And this is the knowledge PMP gives you. With PMP certification, you can handle any project from any industry even if you don’t have much industry specific technical knowledge.

May 17, 2019

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